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One of the most important aspects of being a consumer is you get to vet other people’s businesses more than they can vet you. At the end of the day, no one wants to spend money for a product that is either inferior or less attractive hence the need for thorough background checks. In the old days, consumers mainly relied on the consumer report magazine to learn about different service providers, new and better products, vendor ratings, customer experience expectations, trends, etc.

Today, most of the background checks and commerce has moved online with vendors such as e-commerce websites playing a huge role in educating their consumers at the point of purchase. Raw customer reviews on e-commerce platforms like Amazon have become normal and this means that the average consumer has a lot to go over with than they did in the past.

However, there are e-commerce websites that do not have enough information to enable their customers to make decisions. That is where review websites like come in.

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Student consumers

The relationship between essay writing companies and their customers has always been private. Very little by way of real identities of the participants in the relationship is ever let into the public domain – for the benefit of everyone involved. However, not all vendors are vetted in the absence of a licensing board, or regulator which means that the consumer has to do better due diligence. That is why exists.

Why we review essay writing companies for the students

We have noticed that students suffer more in their relationship with custom essay writing companies. This is because many of them go into the associations blind, there is very little information about the companies’ existence in the public domain. This means that the consumer has to be a bit more vigilant in their decisions to attract the right service provider. gives students solid information they need before they can hire a competent essay writing company.

How it works

Only students who’ve purchased essays from a given essay writing company are able to tell whether the said company is good to them or not. We allow these consumers a chance to come here and share their feedback with other potential buyers. We use their reviews to be able to create a top service list for our recommendations. We also publish a summary review from experts for the students to use in their shopping.